by Felicia DeInnocentiis on May 18, 2018 8:00:00 PM

Workshop Addresses Maintaining Work-Life Balance


It’s easy to go askew when trying to balance work and home life. To help get back into alignment, attendees at the 36th Annual Congress took home lessons for personal betterment at the “Work/Life Balance: What Does That Mean?” workshop, held Friday afternoon.

Presented by Barbara Youngman, CPP, Senior Payroll Analyst at Toyota Motor North America, and Christine Stolpe, CPP, Senior Manager of Global Payroll at Talend, the workshop defined what work-life balance looks like for each individual, including both employees and employers. Through goal-setting and having an “accountability buddy,” attendees were taught how to organize their needs and priorities in order to establish a perfect work-life balance.

“A payroll professional who is working toward a work-life balance is really striving to be the best human being they can be,” Stolpe said. “This workshop begins the thought process of setting priorities. There are tasks at work that do not necessarily need to be micro-managed anymore, so maybe they could be delegated, and the end result is a healthier, happier payroll professional as well as a team that trusts and works well together.”

While participants were given a personal blueprint and tools for balance, Stolpe said that the workshop isn’t an overnight fix.

“The end of this workshop is really the beginning of a journey,” Stolpe said. “Nobody achieves perfect balance in one workshop, but with the right tools, mindset, and motivation, Congress attendees can leave this workshop with a better understanding of how they can control their work-life balance.”

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