Workshop Covers 'Wage and Hour' at Congress Xstream

Thursday’s Session 5 workshop “Wage and Hour—Changing the Rules of the Game” taught attendees that rules can change quickly and unexpectedly.

Global Payroll Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating, Workshop Explains

During Tuesday’s Session 2 workshop, Congress Xstream attendees expanded their knowledge with “U.S. Employers and Global Payroll Challenges.”

Workshop Addresses Anticipated Changes in 2020 Payroll

With COVID-19 ever-changing the business landscape, payroll also needs to change and adapt.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential With the Leadership Excellence Series

Pegine Echevarria, better known simply as Pegine, will bring her feisty, fearless, focused, fun personality to Congress Xstream when she presents her Leadership Excellence Series.

GPMI’s First Global Payroll Titan to Present at Congress Xstream

Sharon Tayfield, is the first recipient of the Global Payroll Titan Award, presented by the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI), will speak at Congress Xstream on June 5.

Workshop on Accounting Shows Value of Convergence With Payroll Department

Some may consider accounting the most dreaded part of the payroll process, but at the 37th Annual Congress workshop “Payroll Accounting: How Important Is It?” on Friday afternoon, Emily Lindsay, a...

Submit Your Workshop Proposals for Congress 2020

The APA invites you to submit your workshop proposals for the 2020 Annual Congress, May 5-8, 2020, in Orlando, Florida.

Workshop Reviews All Types of Visas, How They Impact Withholding

Workers coming into the United States to perform services may enter under several different visa types. These visas generally dictate how the payroll taxes are handled. In the Wednesday workshop...

Managing Vendor Relationships Includes Improving Employee Engagement

Payroll industry heavyweights Brent Gow, CPP, Managing Partner at BRGow & Associates, LLC, and Jay Conforti, Director of People & Change HR Transformation at KPMG, discussed vendor relationship...

Workshop Takes the Pulse of Interdepartmental Flow

How important is payroll in the grand scheme of things? Why should finance, HR, and payroll departments work more congruently for the benefit of the company?

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