Civillico Teaches Congress Attendees ‘The Power of the Pivot’

Comedian, host, entertainer, motivational speaker, and philanthropist Jeff Civillico took the stage as the keynote speaker during Friday’s Closing General Session. And, boy, did he put on a show!

Top Payrollers Win Prizes at Awards Luncheon

Congratulations to all of the payroll pros who won “Who Wants to be a Top Payroller!” at the APA’s 37th Annual Congress!

'Take Home for Tots' Wins 'Payroll Tank'

Congratulations to Becky Harshberger, CPP, VP of Payroll Taxes at Entertainment Partners, and Carolyn Cox, CPP,  Payroll Director at TEAM Industrial Services, for winning "Payroll Tank!"

Team Yellow Hits a Home Run at 'Moneyball'

Congratulations to Team Yellow for winning “Moneyball” at the American Payroll Association’s (APA) 37th Annual Congress in Long Beach, California!

Entertainer Jeff Civillico Presents "The Power of the Pivot" at 37th Annual Congress

When you’re faced with an obstacle at home or at work, what do you do? Do you allow that challenge to drain your energy, or do you keep moving forward and pivot through the challenge to emerge...