These Winners Captured Our Hearts

All hearts apprehended!

Capture Our Heart!

There's still time to capture today's heart! 

Capture Our Hearts in Congress Today to Win Prizes

We love payroll and payroll professionals so much, we are wearing our hearts on our sleeves—or in this case, in our online magazine here!

All Flags Captured!

Congratulations to all three campers who found a flag during our Camp Payroll "Capture the Flag" contest!

Try to ‘Capture the Flag’ in Congress Today to Win Prizes

Do you remember the childhood game of “Capture the Flag?” During Congress Xstream, you get to keep your competitive spirit alive as APA needs your help to find some flags hidden all over Camp...

Top Payrollers Win Prizes at Awards Luncheon

Congratulations to all of the payroll pros who won “Who Wants to be a Top Payroller!” at the APA’s 37th Annual Congress!

'Take Home for Tots' Wins 'Payroll Tank'

Congratulations to Becky Harshberger, CPP, VP of Payroll Taxes at Entertainment Partners, and Carolyn Cox, CPP,  Payroll Director at TEAM Industrial Services, for winning "Payroll Tank!"

Team Yellow Hits a Home Run at 'Moneyball'

Congratulations to Team Yellow for winning “Moneyball” at the American Payroll Association’s (APA) 37th Annual Congress in Long Beach, California!

Video: 'The Spy Who Paid Me' Member Game #2

Payroll secret agent Otto Pay introduces himself to 007 and the British spy isn't too fond of him at first.

Video: 'The Spy Who Paid Me' Member Game #1

Payroll secret agent Eye-9 is in the middle of a complex payroll conversion. Will she meet her goal or will the 00 program be abandoned forever?

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