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The Spy Who Paid Me Agent Update


The payroll secret agents in the APA's "The Spy Who Paid Me" 2018 Congress member game were tasked with their first mission--create their unique agent profiles. Their creativity skills were put to the test as each individual crafted his or her own spy persona with a payroll flair. 

These four special agents (pictured above, left-to-right) are better known in the payroll community as:

1. Deborah Laidler, CPP--Agent Eye-9

2. Juanita Trotter, CPP--J Money

3. Ronald Gilson, CPP--Otto Pay

4. Ansleigh Smith, CPP--Miss Calculations

But moving forward we'll have to refer to them only by their agent names and identities (see their profile images). This will keep the evil villain from finding out their real identities in the field. 

The agent who demonstrates the best skills throughout these games and prevails against the villain will be named "APA's Top Secret Agent" at the 36th Annual Congress in May in National Harbor, Maryland. 

We are sure you will want to know who will overcome the odds and end up on top. Keep track of the agents' progress through upcoming missions by reading PAYTECH and the Congress Today blog over the next few months. Learn even more as you follow the agents on the Congress Facebook page at


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