by Teresa Burney on May 19, 2017 8:00:00 PM

The Battle Has Been Won


The five-month-long “Battle of the Payroll Bands” came to a quick conclusion today during the Closing General Session. The Iconics came out victorious, winning 90.1% of the audience votes, leaving the Paymaniacs in the dust.

During the final “Payroll Stories” challenge this afternoon, each band member had to contribute a sentence to help their band complete a story in 30 seconds. Each band’s story had to start with, “It was a typical day in payroll when …” and then end with, “And that’s how payroll rocks the world!”

While each team riffed their tales, members of the other stood blindfolded and wearing noise-canceling headphones.

Five teams started the band competition, created album covers, drummed up social media votes, and rewrote popular songs to include payroll themes.

Congratulations to the Iconics, whose band members included: CJ Easterling, CPP; Shantale Richardson; and Timothy Walstrum, CPP.

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