by APA Staff on Sep 4, 2018 1:00:19 PM

Simon T. Bailey Presents "Releasing Leadership Brilliance" at 37th Annual Congress

bailey-headshotWhile organizations today face many challenges, the greatest challenge is tapping into the talents of employees so they become “assets with facets.” To contribute to the success of your clients, your partners within the organization, and your team, you must first know how to bring out the best in yourself.

Best-selling author and renowned teacher Simon T. Bailey will explain that team members who are self-motivated, productive, and engaged in their work are not only able to bring out personal brilliance, but are able to bring out the brilliance in others as well.

Operating in their “Brilliant Zone,” they release brilliance in their teams and reach out to the brilliance in their organizational partners, bringing about higher levels of performance.  

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