by Kiko Martinez on May 20, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Payroll Pros, Secret Agents Invited to Congress 2018

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Grab your laser-beam watches and booby-trap briefcases. Things are going to get a bit stealthy at the APA’s 36th Annual Congress.

APA probably should have encrypted this message, so please keep this top secret: Congress 2018 is going Bond. James Bond.

With the theme “Pay Another Day” (a reference to the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day), next year’s Congress is going to be more fun than jumping from a jet without a parachute (Moonraker), or using a jetpack to make a daring, aerial escape (Thunderball).

Circle your calendars: Congress 2018 will take place May 15-19 at the Gaylord National Resort on the Potomac in National Harbor, Maryland.

Next year, the member game is called The Spy Who Paid Me. It will feature five APA members—Ronald Gilson, Deborah Laidler, Thuan Tran, Juanita Trotter, and Ansleigh Smith—participating in “spy training.”

For more information, visit the brand new Congress microsite at

Topics: Congress Info

Topics: Congress Info

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