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National Harbor a Living Art Gallery

National Harbor, Marylandm the site of APA's 36th Annual Congress May 15-19 2018, is home to many art pieces and installations. Try to spot as many as you can during your stay on the Potomac River waterfront. 


"The Beckoning" is an 85-foot-tall sculpture by Albert Paley. The statue is made out of corten steel and symbolizes the rise of a new city. Another set of Paley statues in National Harbor is "The Eagles," two 4,500-pound, stainless steel eagles that overlook the Potomac River on 60-foot poles. 

At the end of American Way lies "The Belvedere," a 1,600-square-foor terrazzo mural by Steven Weitzman. The mural depicts the history and geography of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. and includes more than 70 elements of local history and lore. 

Down the Spanish Steps you'll find "Maryland's Bounty," a four-panel piece by Cheryl Foster. The panels are made of stained glass mosaic with mixed medium and symbolize Maryland's tie to Chesapeake Bay, consisting of crab pickers, clams, oysters, and rockfish, the state fish of Maryland. 

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