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Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center Welcomes Congress

Long Beach Convention CenterThe Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center (LBCEC) will be the home of the APA’s 37th Annual Congress. Get to know your venue before your visit May 14-18.

LBCEC, 300 East Ocean Blvd., sits in the center of Long Beach’s downtown waterfront area where you can find scenic views of the city skyline, the Queen Mary Ocean Liner, and the Pacific Ocean.

The convention center is a combination of three different venues: LBCEC, the Long Beach Arena, and the Long Beach Performing Arts Center.

With different types of venues, the convention center has been able to host a multitude of events, including sporting events and concerts. The Long Beach Arena has also been used to record several live concert albums and videos for artists such as Led Zeppelin, Rick James, and No Doubt.

The convention center, arena, and theater also hosted volleyball and fencing competitions during 1984’s Summer Olympics. The convention center is slated to be an Olympic venue once again if sports climbing (a form of rock climbing) becomes an event at the 2028 Summer Olympics.

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