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Keeping Up With Global Payroll Coordination, Compliance


We often hear of the “world’s reaction” to events here in the United States, such as to the results of a presidential election or when the government makes a pronouncement or intervenes in something. It’s kind of the obverse for those doing global payroll, especially from a U.S. base, because they react to events in the countries where payroll is delivered, processed, or otherwise paid. Monitoring for changes affecting pay in those countries and making changes and adjustments to processes as a result is priority one for achieving compliance and keeping employees paid properly.

Which is why, when Mary Holland, CPP, Global Director of Strategy, Development, and Training for the Global Payroll Management Institute, spoke at this morning’s General Session about three disparate events occurring in other parts of the world, many ears perked up.

Holland said there is payroll community reaction to last year’s election in the U.K. to exit the European Union. She said that France has been wanting to overhaul its labor code, and with the recent election of a new President, the country may achieve some changes. And, a little over a year from now, a concept called “single-touch payroll’ will be instituted in Australia.

These and myriad other events across the globe need to be closely monitored by those in payroll because they directly impact the ability of payroll to process pay in those areas, stay compliant, and deal with the complexities of mobile workers, Holland said.

The research analysts at Bloomberg BNA are aware of these considerations, and we strive to inform people of these events that could impact payroll. Check out our blog postings from the APA’s Annual Congress global pay sessions.

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Topics: Workshops

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