by Kiko Martinez on Jun 5, 2020 3:00:00 PM

Humorist Frances Closes With a Life Lesson on Embracing Change


All eyes were on motivational humorist and author Kay Frances, CSP, MBA, during Friday’s Closing General Session, and she did not disappoint.

During her Congress Xstream virtual presentation “Stress Less, Laugh S’more, and Embrace Change,” Frances explained why the only constant in the universe is change. She said people who embrace change are happier, healthier, and more productive.

To start down that path, Frances explained that it’s important to let go of things you can’t control.

“That sounds like a simple concept, but it’s so hard to do,” Frances said. “We all have ups and downs in our lives, but the key is to get back to positive emotions as quickly as possible, such as keeping a spirit of optimism, maintaining our sense of humor, and making our serenity our default position.”

Through humorous stories and music, Frances illustrated strategies to improve one’s reaction to change and how someone can use it to start a new adventure in life. To achieve this, you must be an optimist.

“Optimism is a very productive, open energy,” Frances said. “Negative emotions are part of the human experience, but we should allow these emotions to be brief visitors and see what they’re trying to teach us rather than to move in as full-time residents.”

Attendees were quickly enamored and entertained by Frances, especially when she sang songs like Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz."

"Wow, she can sing!" exclaimed Diana Blackwood, CPP, Senior Manager of Payroll Services for ICMA Retirement Corporation.

But between her fantastic singing and hilarious jokes, Congress Xstream attendees really took to heart the fact that, as Frances said, "change is the only constant in the payroll universe."

"Keep the cobwebs off the brain," said Reuben Morgenstein, Senior Accountant for Northern Inyo Healthcare District. "Change!"

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