by Felicia DeInnocentiis on May 17, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Education Grant Recipients Share the Spotlight at 2018 Congress


Two American Payroll Association (APA) members plan to continue their payroll education after accepting Payroll Education Grants at the 36th Annual Congress in National Harbor, Maryland.

Tommy Windsor, CPP, Jurisdictional Tax Specialist with OneSource Virtual, and Martha Baxter, Director of Payroll Services for Intrepid Health Care Services, received the APA’s Payroll Education Grant and the Global Cash Card Payroll Education Grant, respectively, during Wednesday’s General Session at Congress. Both grants include a 2018 Congress registration, round-trip airfare, and hotel accommodations.

Windsor is a past recipient of the APA’s Payroll Man of the Year Award in 2014, and a current member of the APA’s CHAMPS, Hotline Referral Service, and Government Relations Task Force (GRTF) State and Local Taxes Subcommittee.

“The APA’s Payroll Education Grant allows me the opportunity to attend seminars throughout the next year,” Windsor said. “These ongoing learning opportunities will provide additional resources for me to stay up to date on information so that I am confident that I will be teaching the most current information to our employees.”

Windsor also will receive a complete library of current APA books and online publications for one year, plus PayTrain®, which Windsor said he’s especially excited about receiving.

“The information and education that can be found in these publications and PayTrain® should grant me the ability to answer any question someone could ask,” Windsor said.

Baxter is currently the Membership Director of the APA’s Dallas Chapter and a Past President of the Texas Payroll Conference. She will also receive a complete APA library, online publications, and PayTrain® for one year as the recipient of the Global Cash Card Payroll Education Grant.

“I will use the grant to help me obtain my own CPP and to enhance the knowledge of those payroll professionals around me,” Baxter said. “I want to empower others with this gift of payroll education, reaching out to those who are less fortunate.”

The APA’s Education Grant Committee also announced the following recipients:

  • Jeffrey Heath, CPP—The Payroll Source Plus Grant
  • Kathryn Ludack—The Payroll Source Plus Grant
  • Brikena Wilson, CPP—The Payroll Source Plus Grant
  • Margarita Quashie, CPP—Global Cash Card’s Payroll Publication Grant
  • Natalie Bussell, CPP—APA Course/Conference Grant
  • Deanna Crow, CPP—APA Course/Conference Grant

“I want to thank APA for understanding and appreciating the value of assisting its members with education for the continuing success of its members,” Windsor said.

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