by APA Staff on Dec 8, 2017 3:18:37 PM

Congress Secret Agents Join 'Spy Who Paid Me' Game


Secret agents and payroll professionals work behind the scenes with highly confidential and time-sensitive information to accomplish an overall objective. Yes, the secret agent is out fighting crime and the payroll professional is processing paychecks, but both careers are doing something amazing for mankind. Who would have thought a secret agent and a payroll professional would have so much in common?

Well, the APA did, and that is why we have chosen four members to become payroll secret agents in "The Spy Who Paid Me" member game for the 36th Annual Congress, May 15-19, 2018, in National Harbor, Maryland. In the four months prior to Congress, the four agents will be tasked with four missions to test their mastery of career-related skills such as confidentiality, preparation, creativity, and time management. Through their training, they will gain the knowledge required to thwart an evil villain's plan to ruin 21st century payroll technology. 

In the end, one agent will prevail. This competitor will receive the title of "APA's Top Secret Agent" on stage at Congress. Stay up to date on the agents' missions as you read PAYTECH and the Congress Today blog over the next few months.

Learn even more as you follow them on the Congress Facebook page at

Are you dying to find out the true identities of our secret agents in training? Check out the 2018 January issue of PAYTECH where all four of our agents in training will be revealed. 

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