by APA Staff on Jan 12, 2018 5:50:20 PM

'The Spy Who Paid Me' Mission Update

At the beginning of the new year, the payroll secret agents in "The Spy Who Paid Me" member game received their second mission to test their skills of confidentiality and resourcefulness. Their task was to decipher a secret message briefing them on the villain's plot to cause a disaster in the payroll industry.

The agents were given two weeks and a clue to decipher the message. Once they cracked the code, each agent accepted the challenge to master the trade of a true secret agent and triumph over the evil villain. Each agent received points based on performance . Once the villain is defeated, the agent who receives the most points will be named "APA's Top Secret Agent" at the 36th Annual Congress in National Harbor, Maryland. 

Keep track of the agents' missions by reading PAYTECH and the Congress Today blog over the next couple of months. Learn even more and play along as you follow the agents and thir challenges on the Congress Facebook page at


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