by Michael Baer—guest blogger on May 20, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Take Lessons Learned at Congress Back Home to Make Positive Change

bbna-logo-cmyk-blue-k_10975287.jpgI’m not sure if my colleagues at the APA feel the same way I do as they finish the heavy lift that is Congress, but Bloomberg BNA’s humble contribution to the annual event has left us with some clear takeaways after an invigorating, highly enjoyable payroll rockin’ event.

Before I managed the payroll publications at BNA (back in the early 90s), several colleagues and I left the APA Congress in San Francisco armed with so much information, one determined soul at BNA forced a change in the de facto practice of not including the extra hours we worked at the conference with our time submitted. Our manager was not happy, but acquiesced, of course! After all, it’s the law. And we write about it.

Things you bring back this year should be shared and should change the way you operate, too. Follow through on what you learned and make every effort to implement positive change to each of your operations, no matter what role you hold.

After every APA Congress, I feel that for us at Bloomberg BNA it’s like a new year. We bring back so much that’s actionable. By next year’s Congress, we want to be able to say, “Yes! We addressed this, added that, and accomplished so much more!”

Now, is the time to go after it.

I hope everyone’s journey back was a safe one. And remember, we have more session coverage that will continue to populate Bloomberg BNA’s special APA Congress website through Monday.

Topics: Congress Info

Topics: Congress Info

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