Teresa Burney

Teresa Burney
Teresa Burney is a Contributing Writer for the American Payroll Association.

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The Battle Has Been Won

The five-month-long “Battle of the Payroll Bands” came to a quick conclusion today during the Closing General Session. The Iconics came out victorious, winning 90.1% of the audience votes, leaving...

Companies Give Employees Options at Payroll Technology Solutions Stage

The Congress Expo’s Payroll Technology Solutions Stage became the platform for various payroll companies to pitch their wares this afternoon. TBD, Immedis, rapid!Pay, and EPAY Systems all made...

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Workday Learning Lounge Participants Warned of Complex Taxation

As the Expo opened, a crowd gathered around the Workday-sponsored Learning Lounge took part in an animated discussion about taxation and mobile workforces.

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Expo Grand Opening Inspires Payroll Pros

Wednesday’s Expo Grand Opening had excited Congress participants loading up on bags to hold handouts and free tchotchkes, and everyone was pumped about their chance to win designer handbags. But...

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International Payroll Pros Find Similar Challenges Across Borders

It probably isn’t much of a surprise that a panel of payroll professionals from around the world during Wednesday’s Luncheon told attendees that they share the same challenges—changes in...

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Battle of the Payroll Bands Down to Top 2

The five-month “Battle of the Payroll Bands” challenge is now down to two bands.

Employees Insist on Full Mobile Access, ADP Pre-Congress Panelists Say

Employees who get their televised entertainment on demand with Netflix and can summon an Uber ride in minutes expect and demand to access their paycheck information on their smart phones, an ADP...

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