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Felicia DeInnocentiis

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These Winners Captured Our Hearts

All hearts apprehended!

Last Chance to Find a Heart on Congress Today!

There's one last heart waiting to be captured somewhere within Friday's articles on the Congress Today site! 

Workshop Explores Forms 941, 941-X Reporting Requirements

Friday’s workshop “Forms 941 and 941-X: Reporting Requirements” had Congress-goers hitting the books to stay updated on important payroll information.

Live Networking, Video Chat a Smash Hit

For the second year in a row, Congress-goers experienced live networking with each other and global vendors from the comfort of their own computers during Congress Xstream this week.

Capture Our Heart!

There's still time to capture today's heart! 

Workshop Cautions Payroll Pros in Global Employment

Wednesday afternoon’s workshop “Danger Ahead: Navigating the Perils of Global Employment” put payroll professionals on alert for the highs and lows of global employment.

7 APA Employees Honored at Congress Xstream 2021

Seven APA staff members were honored for their tenures during Wednesday’s Awards General Session during Congress Xstream. These employees have been valued members of APA and GPMI’s staff for at...

Capture Our Hearts in Congress Today to Win Prizes

We love payroll and payroll professionals so much, we are wearing our hearts on our sleeves—or in this case, in our online magazine here!

Longtime Payroll Pro Says Best Lesson Came in Childhood

De Ann Doonan, CPP, encouraged Congress Xstream-goers with stories of her most memorable life lessons and her pursuit of excellence during her Tuesday Opening General Session presentation “Looking...

Workshop Explores Global Payroll Function, Past, Present, and Future

Congress Xstream kicked off its workshops by going global in Tuesday’s “Re-imagining the Global Payroll Function.”