by Kerry Cole on May 17, 2019 2:30:00 PM

APA Honors Guillen for Work With Payroll Pros

guillenEach year, the APA’s Government Relations Division honors a government employee with the Government Partner Award for that person’s work with the APA to help payroll professionals. This year, IRS Senior Tax Analyst Joe Guillen fills the bill.

“What a privilege and honor it is to be here and provide the latest and the greatest from the IRS,” Guillen said. “I truly believe in collaboration and engagement.”

Guillen finds answers to payroll professionals’ questions and, for years, has served as a liaison for the APA, identifying IRS presenters and delivering the APA’s recommendations to the responsible employees within the IRS.

He also has shared the strategic objectives of the IRS with payroll professionals to achieve improved compliance and to raise the level of understanding of agency programs and initiatives.

Guillen leads the IRS’s monthly payroll industry call, identifying contacts within the IRS, Treasury Department, and Social Security Administration to speak to payroll professionals on current compliance issues and expected agency decisions.

He delivered the APA’s recommendations on the employer forms and instructions under the Affordable Care Act and recommendations on forms and instructions for foreign persons’ withholding.

Additional reporting by Greg Mellen

Topics: APA Congress

Topics: APA Congress