by Julianna Hunt on Jul 2, 2019, 12:25:18 PM

3 Important Steps for Planning Chapter Events and Study Groups

If you’re new to coordinating chapter events and study groups or just need a refresher on Chapter Event Guidelines, Chapter Relations is here to help! The full guidelines can be in the Local Chapter Guide, but we’ve put together an easy-to-follow overview of the steps to follow when planning your chapter’s activities.

Before starting this process, make sure your chapter is currently affiliated with the APA. If your chapter is past-due for reaffiliation, you won’t be able to access online forms and your chapter won’t be eligible for support from the APA or RCHs. Click here to reaffiliate your chapter.

1. Register the EventStep 1-1

Visit the APA website to register your chapter event or study group with Chapter Relations. Chapters must register all One-Day Events, Statewide/Regional Meetings, and Study Groups at least 45 days before the event to comply with the APA’s guidelines, though it is recommended to register conference events as soon as the venue is booked. The APA provides chapters with various support for registered events, including free advertising, publications, and handouts. Chapter events and study groups must be registered prior to requesting APA Speakers or RCHs.

If you have questions about registering your event, contact Chapter Relations.

Step 2-1
2. Request a Speaker

Next, if you’d like to have a National Speakers Bureau Member or APA Representative speak at your event, fill out the Speaker Request form online. You will need to select the event from a dropdown list of upcoming events registered by your chapter. This form should also be submitted at least 45 days before the event.

If you have questions about requesting a speaker, contact Speaker Administration.


3. Request RCHsStep 3-1

Lastly, fill out the APA Local Chapter RCH Program Application and submit to to request RCHs for your study group or event. Submit this form at least 45 days before the event to ensure enough time for review and approval. For detailed instructions on how to fill out the RCH application, see the Chapter RCH Guide.

If you have questions about requesting RCHs, contact Certification.

All guides and forms mentioned in this post can be found on the Grow Your Chapter page of the APA website.

We look forward to another wonderful season of Study Groups, Statewides, and Regional Conferences!

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